Palm Desert Girl Needs Help To Realize Heavyweight Dream

Sara Snow looking for help to realize her training dreams.

Sara Snow, 24, moved to the desert three years ago from North Carolina with two suitcases and a dream in her heart. She was looking for a better life and was propelled to follow her passion.

Her desire was to be an amateur boxer, and to someday have a championship belt around her waist. She had the fighting spirit in her early as she spent her youth in martial arts. The road, although hard and peppered with the challenges of learning endurance and discipline, was a path she committed to wholeheartedly.

 “I have had to overcome many obstacles for my age,” she said, “including a drug and alcohol addiction, which landed me in jail and the hospital at the end. Now, when I step into the gym and train I feel most at peace with life.

"Like I'm in the right place at the right time. To become a great boxer you have to perfect your mind, body, and spirit. This is the challenge I love working towards.”

Aside from training, she also hopes to inspire others to reach their life goals. After working at with mentally handicapped kids, she is in school to become a minister at the in Palm Desert.

After training in boxing heavily for the past two years, she is ready to take her skills to the next level. Sara recently got accepted into an exclusive camp as one of a limited number of amateur boxers allowed. She has the opportunity to train with female boxers ranked one and two in the world.

She also has the opportunity to be part of Bad Girls Boxing, Inc.’s documentary on her field that will wrap up during the camp. For a glimpse into the film, check out the teaser at badgirlsboxing.com.

The camp from May 15th through the 22nd, takes place in Palm Desert, and Sara is currently seeking sponsorships for her entry fee into this camp.

“The cost of room and board, food, and training gear is beyond my budget,” Sarah said. “Lori Steinhorst, Head Coach and President of Bad Girls Boxing since it began in 1994, has helped me with boxing at no charge since I met her, but camp is a little different because of the food, housing and transportation costs.”

Sara is currently seeking $200 tax-deductible donations to help her realize her goal. For more information, her coach Lori Steinhorst can be reached at 760-567-2779.

Sign-a-Rama in Palm Desert will be sponsoring Sara and making a banner with Bad Girls Boxing’s logo along with any other sponsors who will help her on Sara on this journey. The banner will be located in the training camp throughout the week.

Debbie April 20, 2011 at 10:10 PM
Hey Sara! We are so proud of you and we would help a little and give you $50 to reach your dreams! Love you! Dean & Debbie Hey Sara
Sharon Granter April 21, 2011 at 01:59 AM
Sara....You go, girl! What a wonderful pursuit and, of course, we're so proud of you. We KNOW you'll be one of the best....You can count on us to support your lofty goals! Love, Uncle Don & Aunt Sharon
RUTH MERCADO May 16, 2011 at 12:31 AM


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