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"Pop-Up" Trend Hits Palm Springs in Unique Way

Khool Pool opens to the public this Friday, April 11th, and will feature unique pool toys and gear for diving into pool season.

The following was submitted for publication on behalf of Khool Pool: 

The trend in pop-up stores is heating up the retail industry, which is why Khool Pool is the perfect store concept to create a splashy kick-off for Blink – a 1,100 sq. ft. “blank canvas” of space in Palm Springs. 

Located in the hub of Palm Springs’ uptown design district, Blink is available to rent by the day, week, or month, making it perfectly versatile to accommodate everything from new product previews and intimate VIP concerts to culinary showcases and art exhibits.

Khool Pool opens to the public this Friday, April 11th, and will feature unique pool toys and gear for diving into pool season in style.

“We think of the pool as its own room – an outdoor living room, essentially – and we want to help people ‘deck out’ their pool areas and really put the ‘cool’ in the pool this summer,” said Vicki French, founder of Blink and creator of Khool Pool.

Khool Pool will include things to wear (such as sarongs, glow in the dark flip flops, hats, sunglasses), stuff to play with/on (like fun floaties shaped as ice cream sandwiches and donuts with a bite taken out, as well as beer pong, noodles and beach balls), pool decorations (such as a giant duck, 12-foot beach ball, and light-up globes/balls to float in pool) plus stuff to eat and drink with at pool (light-up cups, HUGE mason jar plastic cups, etc.).

“The pool is at the center of so many upcoming desert events including White Party, Coachella, Spring Break and other events being hosted by local hotels,” added French. “We thought this would be the perfect time for a pool-themed pop-up store to really give people some fun additions for their poolside playtime.”

After Khool Pool opens this Friday, the store will maintain the hours of Thursdays-Sundays, 11am-7pm through the second weekend in June. After that time, Blink is accepting bookings for its pop-up space. Blink can accommodate up to 99 people at full occupancy, and comes equipped with a sound system, Wi-Fi, track lighting, a security system, parking, restroom facilities and air conditioning.

“This space can be whatever anyone imagines it to be,” explained French. “Sky’s the limit! Blink can host events, become a chic boutique, be a satellite office, feature movie screenings or book signings – it can be molded to fit a variety of purposes and can meet temporary objectives for those who need a space but don’t want to commit to a long-term lease.”

French is an entrepreneur who previously left her mark in the Palm Springs area by creating and growing the region’s most eclectic and comprehensive party store – Partylab, which she sold in February 2013. Blink is the culmination of French’s expertise, and its location and desirable on-site amenities make it a strong foundation for any retailer, event planner or other visionary looking to transform a blank canvas into a temporary business storefront or event venue.

Find Blink on Facebook at Blinkpalmsprings. For more information or to book Blink, call 760-91blink or email curious.blinkspace@gmail.com.


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