Denny's: 'No Plans to Close' in Palm Desert

Spokesperson says not to let the "for lease" sign fool you - they'll be staying open

There are no plans for Denny’s in Palm Desert to lock it’s doors anytime soon. 

A for lease sign was put in front of the building late in the summer, causing concern for many who visit the popular restaurant, but it seems that the sun isn’t setting anytime soon for the popular 24 hour diner. 

A Denny’s spokesperson told Patch that the location is in negotiations with the land managers to extend or write a new lease, and that there are no plans to close the location. 

Local Denny’s General Manager Julie Arguin seconded that via a statement, "We are open and lease negotiations are pending. Right now, we have no plans to close." 

The Denny's, at Highway 111 and Monterey Street, has been operating in the desert for over 30 years, with some current employees having over 20 years at the Palm Desert restaurant.


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