POLL: Christmas Trees, Real or Artificial?

Retailers say they're selling more artificial trees, but tree growers say younger people tend to buy the real ones.

The early word from retailers is that artificial Christmas tree sales are up this year with a record 13.4 million trees sold, according to USAToday.com.

The director of the American Christmas Tree Association Thomas Harman even said there could be a shortage of fake trees this year.

"I know Christmas trees aren't as exciting as Furby," Harman said, "but artificial trees could run out."

At the same time, representatives of the National Christmas Tree Association, the trade group for tree growers, see another trend.

"Young adults choose a fresh Christmas tree each year at a higher rate than the overall population," spokesman Rick Dungey said.

According to Dungey's group, real trees still outsell artificial ones by 3-1.

Palm Desert, which kind of tree do you prefer, or do you use more than one kind?

Take our poll and tell us in the comments.


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