Massive 4-Day Health Care Clinic: Coachella Valley Healthcare Professionals Asked To Rally

Medical, dental, and vision healthcare providers are asked to volunteer their services for a massive 4-day healthcare clinic to be conducted by California CareForce April 3-6 2014.
Medical, dental, and vision healthcare providers are asked to volunteer their services for a massive 4-day healthcare clinic to be conducted by California CareForce April 3-6 2014.

Free medical, dental and vision care will once again be offered at a massive health clinic to be held for Coachella Valley Residents April 3-6, 2014 at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio, CA.

The clinic, conducted by California CareForce along with the Coachella Valley Community Trust, California Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (CALAOMS) and Goldenvoice, are expected to provide care for an anticipated 900 people per day if the event is fully staffed.

The inaugural Coachella Expedition held in April 2013, provided much needed services to 2,770 patients, for a total value of services provided estimated at 1.05 million dollars. All services were free to patients.

Californa CareForce is asking medical professionals in the community to rally together to serve the underprovided of the community by donating their time as a volunteer on one or more days of the 4-day event.

In addition to general volunteers to help as translators, assistants, and handle administrative duties, California CareForce is seeking professionals in the following areas:

• Oral Surgeons
• Dentists
• Hygienists
• Dental Assistants
• Dental X-RAY Techs
• Ophthalmologists
• Optometrist
• Opticians
• Ophthalmic Techs
• Doctors
• Nurses
• LVN’s/LPN’s
• EMT’s
• Acupuncturists
• Chiropractors.

In addition to in-state volunteers, out-of-state medical practitioners with valid, current, and active licenses are also able to participate. To learn more about volunteer positions and requirements, visit: http://www.californiacareforce.org/Volunteers/VolunteerInformation.aspx.

Register as a volunteer for California CareForce Clinic Coachella Valley April 3-6, 2014 at:http://www.californiacareforce.org/

“At a California CareForce clinic patients receive quality medical, dental and vision services. These patients are so grateful that somebody cares about them. They feel abandoned by the system. As a volunteer at the clinic, you will have the most fulfilling and gratifying experience of helping out those in your community,” said Pamela Congdon, California CareForce President and Volunteer Coordinator.

The Healthcare clinic will have 70 dental stations, 20 medical exam rooms and 10 vision lanes. A vision lab will produce free prescription eyeglasses on site while patients wait. Dentistry will include cleanings, fillings and extractions. Medical doctors will provide services ranging from consultation and diagnosis to minor medical procedures.

Nurses will staff triage areas and provide medical assistance. Clinic patients will be seen on a first-come-first serve basis, with no income test or eligibility requirement of any kind to receive treatment.

Community members can help spread the word in the following ways:

Join the California CareForce Expedition Coachella Valley Event 2014 on Facebook:

Download and distribute fliers:

Register to Volunteer for California CareForce Clinic Coachella Valley April 3-6, 2014:

About California Care Force:

California CareForce is a non-profit dedicated to providing free mobile health care clinics for those unable to afford care. California CareForce organizes free mobile medical clinics to provide communities short-term medical, dental and vision care. During each expedition, a community center, school or some other public space is used to setup 30 to 100 dental stations, eye exam stations, and medical care stations and provide patients with free services including making eyeglasses on site. California CareForce clinics are operated by volunteer professionals that take time from their practices to give back to the community.

Media Contact
Pamela Congdon
President, California CareForce
pamela [at] CaliforniaCareForce [dot] org

Terry February 17, 2014 at 09:55 PM
Thank you health care professionals and volunteers who devote their time to helping the less fortunate in our valley.


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