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Inside the Music Box: Neveroddoreven

Daydream amid the flowers and watch what transpires while listening to I Monster's second studio album.


Originally a 15-track listing released in 2003, Neveroddoreven by English electronic duo I Monster was remodeled in 2004 after gaining commercial success with "The Blue Wrath" (featured in British horror comedy Shaun of the Dead) and "Daydream in Blue" (spotlighted in several advertisements and television series). The remastered album was reduced to twelve songs, including various new remixes and an extended version of "The Blue Wrath"—now appended with a hidden track, "Lucifer."  

Just as the record's palindrome title suggests, some things appear not as they seem and can be missed upon first listening. Take for instance the fact that the singer is actually crooning to an inflatable girl in "Heaven," or how the sweetly innocent "Daydream in Blue" disguises an erotic fantasy within modulated overlay. These surprises work as a staple to I monster's musical stylings. Its playful undertones accentuate the quirky eccentricities riddled into each song, and emanate a fresh vibe that is neither glossed over with trite club beats nor dulled by threadbare sound mixing.

The album's pleasantness, however, does tend to shift from light-hearted to a rich darkness lurking beneath the whimsical tunes. This is by no means a turn-off, since the execution is done with expert taste, seamlessly trapping some malicious finesse in "These Are Our Children" and "The Blue Wrath (Extended Version)." Traditional instrumentation such as twinkling piano interludes and deep mellotron tempos keep up with this attitude.  

Although a majority of the song samplings are from the 1950's and 1960's, a reconstructed synthetic rhythm is added, instilling a fantastic blend of soft antiquity and sleek modernism while also breathing new life into a lost classic. An example would be the audio distortion found in "Who Is She?" that further emphasizes the struggle of pining for the unreachable as bellowing echoes resonate in empty space.

After listening to Neveroddoreven on repeat a few times, you'll come to find that the urge to take car rides from mysterious women with seductive French accents grows stronger, learn that even scarecrows have bad days, and realize that, in the end, "Everyone's a Loser." Very important lessons all packed into an incredible, electronically-infused package.   

Notable Lyrics:

"Hey Mrs." - Hey Mrs. Grey/ Are you awake yet?/ Your beauty sleep is just a dream/ Those lines on your face/ They tell your story                                                    

"Who Is She?" - I call her name/ Across an endless plain/ She'll answer me/ Wherever she may be                           

"These Are Our Children" - Climb the stairs to the top/ Rooms are dark, but don't stop/ Getting close/ Really warm/ Now you're cold/ On the floor

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