Tacos, Skinny Margaritas At Tommy Bahama's

The popular restaurant launches a seasonal taco menu and skinny girl margaritas.

 is stepping out ahead of the curve as many restaurants choose to slow down or close down in the summer. They recently launched a special, limited time-only menu of quick and easy tacos.

Eaten as an appetizer at the bar or as a main meal with friends out on the misted patio, the tacos offer light and fresh cuisine at a fair price for the season.

Check out these varieties:

  • The street carnitas come in a multigrain tortilla bursting with pork roasted in Kahlua, cilantro and pickled onion.
  • Jamaican Jerk tacos are stuffed with tangy shredded chicken and spiked with lime.
  • Adventurous eaters will like the crab and mango taco, which has a chunk of lump blue crab wrapped with watercress in a corn shell.
  • There's even a langosta version with lobster sauteed in tomato relish.

All the tacos come with a highly addictive chipotle aoili. A few tacos to sample with some chips and mango salsa and spiked guacamole and you could easily whittle away an afternoon here with friends.

They've also introduced a bunch of new cocktails but none are receiving as much praise as the Sedona Skinny Margarita.

Tres Generaciones Anejo tequila with orange liqeur, grapefruit soda and agave nectar. It sounds more sinful then it actually is and there's also a prickly pear and Chile Lime margarita recently added to the mix.


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