Get Out: Five Ideas For Your Weekend

"Get Him to the Greek," then get yourself some "Drunken Fries."

This weekend is all about things that are already good, made even better. Beer is good. Add free popcorn and a funny movie - better. Fries are good. Smother them in melted cheese and short ribs - better. Gym time is good. Gym time that doubles as babysitting - better. We love this pattern!

Our goal is to make the Get Out planner as reliable as possible, but keep in mind, some events change at the last minute. We advise calling ahead just in case.

Where/When: 5:30-8:30 p.m. this Friday at

Why Go: Let the fun-loving, energetic staff at  be your babysitters for a night. Kids will love the chance to play games, burn off energy and have a great time getting fit. Grown-ups will love having a romantic dinner and seeing a movie without any talking animals.  

Pricing: Members: $25 for first child, $15 for siblings, Non-Members: $35 for first child, $20 for siblings

When/Where: 8-9:30 p.m. this Saturday at the 

Why Go: Well, your break from the talking animals was short lived. But if you have to do it, free and outdoors is a great way to go. This family-friendly movie follows four captive zoo animals reintroduced into the wild and their attempts to fit into their new surroundings. 

Pricing: Free

When/Where: 8 p.m. this Sunday at 

Why Go: Schmidy's has started hosting free movie nights on Sundays. Enjoy a cold beer, free popcorn and some laughs with your friends. This week's movie is the Russell Brand flick, "Get Him to the Greek."

Pricing: No cover

When/Where: 2 p.m. this Sunday at the

Why Go: Court Graves sings American standards from the '20s to today, reimagined with Brazilian rhythms and jazz stylings. Steven Applegate accompanies on piano. This show is part of the Sundays in Summer Cabaret Series at

Pricing: $10, includes complimentary wine

When/Where: During Happy Hour, 4-7 p.m. and 10 p.m. to midnight, Sunday-Thursday in the bar at the

Why Go: I'm going to be honest with you; you need to eat these immediately. "Drunken Fries" are the 3rd Corner fries, crispy and tender; but smothered in melted white cheddar, seasoned chorizo, crumbled short ribs and a touch of gravy. Yeah. They're that awesome. Salads are for losers!

Pricing: $8

There is also this Sunday. Hikes follow the Ernie Maxwell Trail. 

Did we miss anything? Please share your best ideas for this weekend in the comment box below.


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