Tramway's Annual 'When's the Snow?' Contest Returns

Guess the date of the first inch of snow at the PS Tram and win prizes

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway's annual snow guessing contest starts Oct. 1, a tram spokeswoman said.

The first 10 people who guess the date of the first inch of snowfall
will win four Tram admissions, Tram spokeswoman Lena Zimmerschied said. If
there are more than 10 winning guesses, "the earliest postmarks will
prevail,'' she said.

The contest will continue until the first measurable inch of snow falls
at the Mountain Station at an elevation of 8,516 feet, Zimmerschied said.

Guesses should be written on a postcard and mailed to: Snow Guessing
Contest, 1 Tramway Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262. People may enter as many times as they want, with one date per postcard, Zimmerschied said.


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