Palm Desert Mansion Tour — Multi-Million Dollar Homes for Sale

Check out these amazing houses for sale in Palm Desert.

With a median income above the California and national average, Palm Desert boasts some beautiful homes. The coolest thing about homes being sold is that we all get to tour them, even if we're not buying them.

For architectural buffs or even just lookie loos, taking a peak at a house just to take in the aesthetic can be pretty fun. So check out these two houses, the two most expensive currently listed in Palm Desert on Aol Real Estate.

Both are listed for $4.5 million. The first, located at 47075 S. Cliff Rd., was built in 2002 and sits on five acres. It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms and panoramic views of the city from the infinity pool. Wow. 

The second home, located at 173 Wanish Pl., is over 6,100 square feet and has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It was built in 1998 and sits on less than one acre.

Check out photos of these Palm Desert beaties above. 


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