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Cherry Festival 2012...not so festive anymore.

Cherry Festival? Are you kidding me? $25 for a family of five just to walk in.

For a month we have been looking foward to attending the Cherry Festival this year, just like the previous years. Sad to say this year, we are not able to attend and enjoy the activities, food, rides, and entertainment for many reasons. As we all know, the economy is not what it use to be and was hoping that organizers would take that into account, when pricing or deciding on what the entrance fees are and will be. For my family of five, it will cost us $25 just to enter the festival. We all wanted to enjoy the rides as a family but that would cost us and extra $125 on top of the $25, which adds upto $150. Then, having three teens and two adults to feed will most likely be another $50 to $75, totaling about $225 for a night. I thought The Cherry Festival is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers. It seems to me that the cost of the entry prices alone, shows that organization makes a pretty hefty profit. I was a Cherry Festival supporter, but is now not likely to happen and have shared my concerns with all my family and friends. I will not be surprise if in the near future, families stop supporting these so called non-profit organizations like these. Which means there will be no more Cherry Festivals or any other kind of festivals that pretends to be for a great cause.

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Don't complain unless you know the details June 13, 2012 at 08:50 PM
I think the price of admission is well worth what I am getting. I remember 10 years ago when it was free to get in it was full of gangs and fights all over the place. There was very little police presence. There was no big name concerts. I think if the big name concerts wasn't there the CF would close down. Sure it is nice to see local bands but I doubt Beaumont Cougars Marching Band would bring huge crowds. No offence to them. We get to listen to great bands, eat awesome food, see friends we haven't seen in awhile, and just get out of the house on a June night. If my money goes to helping with School Scholarships so be it. The CF offers a weekend of entertainment for a minimal cost. At the end of the day just seeing my kids have fun is priceless and no amount of money can take that away. I say get out of the house and support your community. See you at the swapmeet and dont forget your 50 cents to get in. See you at the 4th of July and Concerts in the park where there is not charge.....
Zvezdochka June 18, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Wow, people in this town are extraordinarily trashy, aren't they? It amazes me that people are so selfish that they wouldn't consider chipping in for a nice event that helps give scholarships to children and gives them something nice to do. I guess if these people are stuck in this town, they don't want their kids to have a chance at a future somewhere else. Misery loves company, right?
Janet Kloos June 19, 2012 at 12:27 AM
@ Diane92 not only are they posting, but many are reading and AGREEING
Janet Kloos June 19, 2012 at 12:28 AM
@Diane92... QUIT WHINING you go. you throw money away. as for MANY WE WONT AND DIDNT
eire430 September 16, 2012 at 04:26 AM
I love the CF! I come from a city where you pay taxes and other fees but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was done for the community. I guess you people would prefer that. All the whining I'm reading really boils down the fact that people want something for nothing. The solution is simple: if $5 is too steep for you then don't go. As for having a family of 5 on a single income, well, you chose to have that family of 5...


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