"Dynamic Pro-Military Music Video" (3 min)

Much that Military folks would like to say about the actions of "DC politicians"  is in this video - - - If you like "They Too Are",   please tell others that the video is listed in " Patch Conversations (Speak Out)" - - - NORMAL SIZING version at - - -
don mckinney December 19, 2013 at 08:04 PM
I would hope this man would turn off the tv that is sponsored by the global corporations that profit off of the ugly , hate promoting war .My god does not want war , jesus is the prince of peace. The military build up and war glorification have killed our youth and they are the ones doing the killing as ordered right or wrong. Our economy is destroyed ,the economic engine of our country. stocks in overseas corporations pay well , but are not the answer for the mass of poor people who cant find living wage jobs. 90 percent of calif. contractors are out of business.Our economy is in its last throws due to this globalization , bankster war glorification .why isnt this man taking christianity to Iraq on his own dime , build a church there , they will welcome him with open arms and the others who would send their child there. War creates bad will , death and sorrow . The poppy fields in afganastan are producing more than ever , what else have you accomplished other than somehow finding heroin on our city streets in record quantities and lower prices .When YOU pay for YOUR war then we will talk about more war .Until then we will wait for your check and the others who want war but wont pay for it.Freedom and safety are not free and either is borrowing money from your grandkids so you will have your false sense of freedom and misplaced patriotism .We let this go for too long . These sociopaths are the problem as unpopular as it may be , the chain of abuse and brutality has to be broken sometime . All wars are bankers wars . They control tv and therefor you - if you believe their news , etc. Also pay for the ptsd ,depleted uranium contamination , vaccination damage , job opportunities back home outsourced , suicide rates as high as war killings and more costly than that is the youth of 12 plus years taught to kill and not that much else to fit into a society economically since drones will / are the new soldiers there and here . My friend manufactures them in mass .My fear is that so many people here think like this lost soul.Four largest banks plead guilty to money laundering for the mexican drug cartel for ten years during the bail-out and paid 8.6 billion dollar fine .90,000 to 250,000 people were abducted , tortured and slaughtered and then scattered about , dismembered , etc. See Ciudad Juarez , Mexico news on internet. Not one banker went to jail for this and other foreclosure crimes . The military and local police are federalized to enforce the offshore banker economic interests that also are grinding down our economy ,quality of life and what is left of our culture .


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