Researcher wants interviews with Targeted Individuals and/or Gang-Stalking Victims

Are you a Targeted Individual or a victim of Gang-Stalking? Would you be willing to talk about your experiences? Maybe you know someone who has claimed they are being stalked by organized, multiple individuals that seem to have unlimited resources? Does someone you know make seemingly outlandish statements describing choreographed public harassment by several individuals working in concert? Does someone you know complain that their neighbors, friends, & family are working against them? Do they tell you that multiple cars drive towards them or behind them with their headlights on during the day, and its directed at them? Do they believe they have been drugged & assaulted? Their homes broken into yet nothing taken? Furniture moved, appliances taken apart?

If you know anyone that this reminds you of, or if you are a Targeted Individual yourself, please contact me for interview. I am a researcher for a publication that addresses this issue. You can remain anonymous, and any information will be kept strictly confidential.

please email: bouncethisback@gmail.com - Carol


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