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Beaumont-Cherry Valley Candidates Forum: 17 Candidates in Four Races

Scores of residents and registered voters came to listen and watch the candidates for local water boards, city council and the school district board. The audience far outnumbered the candidates, but there were a number of empty seats.

Seventeen candidates seeking election in four vital Beaumont-Cherry Valley area races took part in a forum presented Wednesday night by the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.

Scores of residents and registered voters came to hear and watch candidates for the Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District board, the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency board, Beaumont City Council and the Beaumont Unified School District board.

The audience far outnumbered the candidates, but there were a number of empty seats in the auditorium at Beaumont Civic Center.

Four candidates for two spots on the Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District board were present Wednesday night: Lindsey M. Burcham, John Melvin Halliwill, Ken Ross and Daniel J. Slawson.

Burcham and Ross are running for the Division 2 seat, and Halliwill and Slawson are running for the Division 3 seat, according to Riverside County Registrar of Voters sample ballots.

Four candidates for one spot on the San Gorgonio Pass Agency board of directors were present: Blair Ball, Paul Clark Lewis, John Machisic and Mary Ann Melleby.

Three candidates for two seats on the Beaumont City Council were present: incumbent Jeff Fox, incumbent Nancy Gall and business owner Brenda Knight.

Six candidates for two seats on the Beaumont Unified School District board were present: Edward Brown, Wayne Hackney, Gunnar Hardy, Steve Hovey, David Sanchez and Lloyd White.

Anita Worthen of Beaumont, chair of the Candidates Forum Committee, gave introductions. Sheri Bogh of the Beaumont Chamber presented rules and procedures. Jim Walling of Inland Community Bank served as moderator and Bruce Merrill served as official timekeeper.

Stay with Banning-Beaumont Patch for more on these races and other elections in the San Gorgonio Pass as Nov. 6 approaches.

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Nancy Gall October 16, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Outrageously false-every last word! Go to any of the podcasts of the city council meetings to see Mayor Berg cut me off and refuse to let me answer their side"s positions. He's been mayor since January. Two meetings ago after blaming the Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District for the city for the city having to spend $60,000,000 on a desalting plant for our sewage treatment plant, he ordered the city attorney to find a way to take over the Water District. On another occasion the gentlemen of our council wanted to smash into the District's school buses over a sidewalk fence dispute. Yes I was on the Collaboration Committee with Mr Berg. I got kicked off when DeForge ws mayor because I was "prejusticed toward the School District." Then they decided they would appoint Ms Knight to all of the committee slots I should have had even though she lost the last election. You see with Mr. Berg your vote and the truth mean nothing!
Gunnar Hardy October 17, 2012 at 03:39 AM
@ Carla: please give me a call at 951.234.2770. I would love to discuss what I stand for as well as my plans for the board. -Gunnar Hardy
Nancy Gall October 17, 2012 at 05:22 AM
Well,well, Mr. Castaldo and Mr. Berg had to carry this debate into tonight's city council meeting. They also had to carry their attack mode to a poor citizen who wanted to know bout agendized topics. Mr.Berg cut him off after 1 minute and adjourned the meeting. Mr. Fox demanded his address(illegal to ask under the Brown act) He lives on Palm Ave., despitebut he still was gavelled out. The mayor accused Beaumont Unified of paying for my graduate degree. No school district that I know of would do such a thing. They don't have alot of money laying around to do it if they wanted to. Oh my sins--despite a record of something like a dozen public events that week, I hadn't gone to dedicate the plagues for the Bridge to Nowhere. One of them honored Michael Dahl, a soldier who bravely gave his life for us in Afghanistan. Of course, I was the only council member at National Cemetary to bury him. I was the only one who signed the petition to rename the park. The other councilmembers gave his father and grandfather a lot of grief. Oh and I voted against $500 for the Veteran's Expo in a meeting where it was taken from the "foundation." The foundation has never been approved by the IRS. Were these issues proper for a Council meeting? Ithink not. '
Ken October 17, 2012 at 05:27 AM
On the matter of telling it like it is.... Roger Berg 8:59 am on Monday, August 13, 2012 (The Reality of RDA's) The Patch ........"the State robbing our funds each year. We never issued any bonds that were indebted on the RDA. The bottom line is our city has no debt or loans. " Mr Berg..what exactly would you call the $21 MILLION or so the City "loaned" the Agency? And how is that Repayment Schedule working out for the taxpayers? I wont even ask you if you ever read the guidelines set forth in the use of RDA funding or the definition of blight.....Alpha Beta yes...Palm Ave and the "Urban Trail?" and storm drains that still dont work at 6th St? Look at your RDA maps and ask yourself ..."Is this what blight looks like?"
Ken October 17, 2012 at 06:43 PM
....Geppetto, LET THE PUPPET SPEAK!!


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