UPDATE: Beaumont Unified Sends Notification of Alleged Battery to Parents of Mountain View Middle School Students

The incident was reported Tuesday, according to Beaumont Police Chief Frank Coe.

Update 3 p.m. Thursday

The Beaumont Police Department has deemed the girl's claims to be unfounded, according to Chief Frank Coe. The department is still following up on the incident. 


Sept. 5

The Beaumont Unified School District sent out a notification to the parents of students at Mountain View Middle School on Wednesday, advising them that a student claimed she was grabbed walking home from school.

The incident was reported by the student to have happened on Friday, according to the district's letter. She says she was approached by the stranger near 12th Street and Beaumont Avenue.

The Beaumont Police Department is investigating the incident, according to Chief Frank Coe.

"Since the incident was reported we've had extra patrols out," said Coe. "But right now we don't believe that there's any reason parents need to be worried about their kids walking to the middle school."

He added that it's always a good time to remind people of basic safety tips. The school district sent parents and guardians these reminders:

  • Students should always be aware of their surroundings, especially when walking or waiting alone
  • Do not  alone but Walk in groups of two or more
  • Never get into a with a stranger - shout, scream, kick, bite, run and tell
  • Never take anything a stranger offers you - not accept candy, food or money from a stranger Do not Walk alone in the dark
  • Stay away from lonely places - do not go alone into deserted buildings, empty parking lots or places where there are few people around
  • Remain on school grounds during school hours
  • Immediately tell responsible admits about any suspicious activities or people encountered to or from school and give as many details as possible
Washy September 07, 2012 at 10:48 AM
When they started charging for buses too many people lied about what they made and wouldn't pay. (kinda like the free lunch program) So it came down to 64 staff at the schools losing their jobs or losing the buses WHERE YOU AT THE SCHOOL BOARD MEETING WHEN THIS CAME UP? (NO? thought not you cannot complain then) Have you ever been to a school board meeting? (NO? thought not)
Hopeful September 07, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Where or Were you at the school board meeting? Regardless, people seem to forget we pay taxes. We should have never been charged in the first place for school bus transportation. It is a shame so many of our tax dollars are wasted as our children are put in harm's way. There is no reason we should go without school busses for our children. One day we will all wake up and start demanding that other areas start taking cuts instead of our schools.
Washy September 07, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Hopeful people like you crack me up. Do tell how far should your taxes go. People don't forget they pay taxes I can assure you this. People are smart enough to realize A) the most you are taxed goes to federal B) money only goes so far. If people didn't lie about their incomes in Beaumont when it comes to free busing and free lunch our grants from the state would have gone further. But see based on how you parents (general you unless the shoe fits.....) filled those forms out last year there were not many people in Beaumont School District that made above 12k last year. And yes I have gone to my share of school board meetings when my children were in the district (they are grown and graduates of college now) because their education depended on me showing up for everything! The question was DO YOU go? You still have children in the district. You likely are closer then 2miles from your youngest child's school and if you are not then your youngest is in Jr/Sr High. OR you asked to have them in a diff school. Tell me this Hopeful why shouldn't YOU be responsible to get YOUR children to school. (they are your children right NOT MINE so my tax dollars shouldn't get them to school my tax dollar should make sure the education is better) The district hasn't gotten funds for busing from the state in better then 10 years. It just might be time for parents to start parenting and get your kids to and from school safely.
ATC September 08, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Carla, mentally disturbed, disabled, challenged...could mean any number of things, not necessarily dangerous. Again, YOU call this guy suspicious...why? Because he rides the bus every day? That's it? I do indeed have kids, and I have taught them to never judge a book by it's cover. Evidentally, you don't feel the same way. So because someone "could" do something that's not rational, let's be proactive and lock him up now, right? Katt, I never said to overlook the guy, I said to reign in your paranoia. By all means report it to the police, but I would warn against exaggerating or over-embellishing when you make that report. If the bus drivers, who HAVE been notified, and who likely see him much more than any of you do, don't see the guy as a suspicious threat, who are you to make that judgement? You all have convinced yourselves that he is a dangerous perp, stalking children, and that it's just a matter of time before he strikes. It then escalated to people suggesting to post his information online. IMO, I (and the rest of us) have more to fear from people like you than a guy riding the bus. If you happen decide that I look suspicious, or "creepy", I (or my family) could very well end up targeted by some weirdo who has convinced himself, based on your "suspicion", that he has to "protect" society from me. Would all of your daily routines hold up to the same scrutiny, perhaps by someone who may not be perfectly "balanced"?
Hopeful September 08, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Beaumont has more homes and businesses now than when I was a child. When I was a child there were school busses. We now have more revenue, yet no more school busses. It makes no sense. Besides, it is all a part of the package. They go hand in hand. School, School bus. Why do you sound so angry that your tax dollars might go to school busses? Shouldn't you be more angry about all of your tax dollars that are being wasted and abused? I pay more than my fair share and I am getting pretty tired of paying and paying and paying. It is my understanding Banning has school busses, why shouldn't Beaumont.


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