Delays Reported on Interstate 10 and Interstate 15 as Holiday Drivers Return

Motorists were moving about 5 miles per hour from Date Palm Drive in Cathedral City all the way to Beaumont, a CHP dispatcher in Indio said.

Returning holiday motorists were caught in slow-downs Sunday on Interstate 10 east of Redlands from Cathedral City to Beaumont, according to the California Highway Patrol.

As of 3:15 p.m., Interstate 15 in the Cajon Pass was moving steadily, a CHP dispatcher in San Bernardino said in a phone interview.

Further east on Interstate 10, motorists were moving about 5 miles per hour from Date Palm Drive in Cathedral City through the San Gorgonio Pass to Beaumont, a CHP dispatcher in Indio said.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is known as one of the worst driving days of the year in Southern California.

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Washy November 28, 2012 at 12:53 AM
hahaha...Gary Funny!
Dex November 28, 2012 at 02:26 AM
Boy, talk about nit-picking. Sorry if I incorrectly cited the area as victorville, when it is probably hesperia....I was just recalling what the officer said. But the fact remains that we were ticketed twice for towing in the #3 lane on a 4 lane highway, and I am just sharing the facts with what happened to me. Trust me, I would be all too happy if you guys were the cops at the time and I had my $400+ dollars back....
ATC November 28, 2012 at 02:36 AM
Cajon Pass is not Victorville, try sticking to one story. Since the actual law is crystal clear, and hasn't changed for at least 35 years, then yes, I guess you did just happen to get 2 officers and 2 judges who all were incompetent. Either that or you are mistaken as to what you did, where you did it, or what you were actually cited for. Perhaps you were cited for speeding (see Jack's post above)? Otherwise, according to the LAW, they (officers & judges) were all wrong. To use your own words; wow, what are the odds? Sorry, my money is on the 2 CHP officers and the 2 judges, as opposed to your story, which seems to change as needed.
ATC November 28, 2012 at 02:55 AM
Nobody is nit-picking. The first person to post on this article claimed that the trucks in that 3rd lane were breaking the law. They aren't, and I said so. You're the one who decided to challenge me on it, so I have provided the documentation to back it up. Yet you continue to claim that I'm wrong. And you continue to claim that you were ticketed for something that is legal. Twice! And that 2 different judges agreed. I don't believe it, sorry. What are the odds? There is more (or less) to your story/claim than you are letting on. You do what you want, I will continue to use both lanes "legally" as I have for 25+ years, and as I have watched my dad do for 10-15 years prior to that. And since I have never, in my 50 years, gotten a ticket for "following" the law, I'm pretty confident that I will be OK doing just that.
beaumontdave November 28, 2012 at 04:12 AM
Called my bro. who is CHP, and he confirms Gary's version. I was pulled over trailering in the 3rd lane and warned it was only for passing, but that was part of I10 with only 3 lanes; with 4 lanes the two slow lanes are both safe for trailering.


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