More Counterfeit Money Popping Up in Area, Police Say

More funny money has been turning up in Palm Springs lately, police said this week.

People have passed or tried to pass fake currency across the city, but the most of the reports about counterfeit cash have come from the downtown area, police Sgt. Harvey Reed said, adding that most bogus bills were in $50 and $100 denominations.

"The counterfeit currency were originally $5 bills, but were chemically washed and reprinted to change the denomination," Reed said.

Matching the paper that money is printed on has become more difficult in recent years, and crooks have taken to collecting $1 or $5 bills to reprint them in higher denominations.

Police recommended comparing a suspect bill with a real note of the same denomination and series, looking at quality of printing and paper characteristics.

If counterfeit currency is received, police urged people to hang onto the suspect bill; delay the passer of the suspect bill, if possible; call police and give them a description of the suspect or the vehicle they were in, including the license number.

Police also recommended writing your initials and the date in the white border of the suspect note, and limiting the handling of the note by putting it in an envelope.

Anyone with more information about of counterfeit money was asked to call Detective Marcus Litch at (760) 323-8105.

More information on how to detect counterfeit currency is at www.secretservice.gov.

— City News Service.


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