Second Riverside Officer Shot ID'd; Saw Partner Shot at Previous Job

The second person allegedly shot by Christopher Dorner on Feb. 7 in Riverside has been identified as a West Covina native who recently transferred to the department. His partner, Mike Crain, of Beaumont, died in the incident.

The second officer whom police say was shot by Christopher Dorner in Riverside has been identified as a West Covina native; a man who has now witnessed his partners shot two times in the last five months.

Officer Andrew Tachias, 27, was shot multiple times on the morning of Feb. 7 while he sat at a stoplight with his partner and training officer, Michael Crain, who suffered fatal wounds, according to police reports.

Tachias survived the "cowardly ambush" (as dubbed by Chief Sergio Diaz)- allegedly committed by notorious ex-LAPD police officer Chris Dorner- but remains hospitalized, according to the Riverside Police Department.

"Officer Tachias is in stable condition at a local hospital recovering from his injuries," RPD Lt. Guy Toussaint said Thursday, a week after the shooting took place.

Officer Tachias had only been with the Riverside Police Department since December, after transferring to the force from Inglewood, according to Toussaint.

In September 2012, while working for the Inglewood Police Department, Tachias and his partner Officer Benjamin Sanza were shot at during a traffic stop near Crenshaw Boulevard by a person(s) who had stolen the vehicle in a carjacking out of Long Beach, according to a press release from Inglewood PD.  

During that incident, as well as the incident in Riverside last week, none of the officers had time to return fire, according to police statements.  However, during the Inglewood shooting, Tachias' partner was only hit once, and survived, police said.

Prior to becoming a police officer, Tachias attended the University of California, Riverside, where he served as a community service officer.  In September, 2009 he was hired by Inglewood PD, and attended the Los Anglese County Sheriff's Academy, graduating in 2010, according to Toussaint.

He was born in West Covina in 1985.

Tachias' field training officer for the Riverside Police Department, Officer Michael Crain was buried Wednesday following a service attended by an estimated 8,000 people, the majority of which were fellow law enforcement personnel.


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beaumontdave February 15, 2013 at 10:27 AM
Get well soon, officer.
ATC February 15, 2013 at 03:30 PM
Wow, what are the odds? Police shootings, from either end, are actually quite rare compared to the number of police out there on a daily basis. To actually come under fire twice in just 5 months is a mind-boggling coincidence. Get well soon.


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