Benoit Highlights Services, Projects Made Possible by Community Improvement Designation Funds

The following was submitted for publication by the office of Supervisor John Benoit: 

Supervisor John J. Benoit says the county’s community improvement designation (CID) fund supports valuable services and worthy projects, an undertold story in Riverside County that he feels was omitted in a recent grand jury report.


The Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on a proposal to have the County Executive Office prepare a response to the grand jury report. Supervisor Benoit supports the proposal and believes the fund has had a positive impact in his district.


“When I joined the Board, I implemented additional checks and balances to make sure my office’s process was well-documented and transparent. Additionally, every CID fund allocation is placed on the agenda, allowing the public to view and question each allocation before we vote on it.”


The availability and flexibility of CID funds have allowed Riverside County to quickly address pressing needs that sometimes arise. For that reason, Supervisor Benoit opposes the grand jury’s recommendation to limit the Board’s ability to award CID funds year-round.


“One example of that is a donation that was made to the Well in the Desert, which helps feed, clothe and serve people in need, the homeless, elderly poor, working poor and families with children. Last summer, the organization experienced its most urgent time of need when a grant wasn’t available until September. Fortunately, we were able to contribute $10,000 in July to give them the support to carry them through summer.


“In September 2011, vandals broke into the Girl Scout House in Blythe and set fire to the building, causing thousands of dollars in damage. When the Girl Scouts needed help, a $2,000 CID contribution aided the community-wide effort to reconstruct their scout house.


“The CID program has funded a vast amount of good in our community. Nearly 175 unique organizations in four years have received funding from this program. The biggest beneficiaries have been productive organizations whose outstanding reputation in serving seniors, children and the homeless is well known in our community.”


In this fiscal year, the biggest beneficiaries of the CID program in the Fourth District are:

FIND Food Bank, Inc.                                                           $50,000

Galilee Center                                                                         $28,000

Coachella Valley Rescue Mission                                           $25,000

Martha’s Village and Kitchen                                                 $25,000

Riverside County Economic Development Agency               $16,000

Colorado River Senior & Community Center                        $15,000

Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine                              $10,000

Desert AIDS Project                                                               $10,000

The Valley Partnership - AmeriCorps Promote Program        $10,000

Well in the Desert                                                                   $10,000

Boys and Girls Club, Desert Hot Springs Clubhouse             $10,000

Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City                                  $9,000

Boys and Girls Club, Coachella Clubhouse                            $9,000

Boys and Girls Club, Indio Clubhouse                                   $9,000

Boys and Girls Club, La Quinta Clubhouse                           $9,000

Boys and Girls Club, Mecca Clubhouse                                 $9,000

Boys and Girls Club of Palm Springs                                     $9,000

Family YMCA of the Desert                                                  $9,000



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