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Bump and Grind Bill Goes to Governor

The bill would re-open the final half mile of the popular trail to hikers nine months of the year.

A state legislature bill to re-open the upper portion of the Bump and Grind trail to hikers now sits on Governor Brown's desk.  

, co-authored by local Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R-Palm Desert), overturns the Department of Fish & Game decision to close access to the upper portion of the trail to hikers.  

DFG officials with a gate in June 2011, and threatened to ticket or possibly arrest hikers who bypass the gate.

Wildlife officials say the presence of hikers was detrimental to the herd of sheep that inhabit the upper reaches of the trail.  Hikers claim that few, if any, sheep have been seen by hikers on the gated portion of the Bump and Grind.

The compromise would only close the trail from February to April, during lambing season for the native Peninsular Bighorn Sheep.

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Ron Moon August 30, 2012 at 06:33 PM
Thank you Assemblyman Perez for your assistance to our District Assemblyman Brian Nestande (760) 674-0164. On his own,he has not been successful in four years in Office to have a single Bill signed into Law @ a rate of aproximately $1.5 Million Dollars a year. Signed, Past Nestande Supporter. P.S. Unlike Assemblyman Nestande,do you meet with your constituents and answer their questions in a timely manner?


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