Business owners call on legislator to generate jobs

Assemblyman Brian Nestande, R-Palm Desert, asked for input for ways to lessen regulations on business Wednesday at the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus.

Coachella Valley business owners and leaders called on Assemblyman Brian Nestande, R-Palm Desert, to promote legislation that spurs jobs and eliminate those that hurt economic growth Wednesday in Palm Desert.

During a town hall meeting hosted by Nestande, Jay Chesterton, of the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, spoke against SB 432, a workplace safety bill that requires hotels to have a fitted sheet as its bottom sheet and not a flat sheet as its bottom sheet on its beds.

"Please tell them, stay out of our beds,'' Chesterton said.

The meeting was held at the to a group of about 65 people.

Former Indian Wells Mayor Dick Oliphant called on Nestande to promote legislation that puts a time limit on unemployment insurance.

“We keep extending it and we’re not allowing people to get off it to go to work,’’ Oliphant said.

Oliphant, who owns Oliphant Enterprises, Inc., said at a recent project some contract employees did not show up to work.

“They would not show up because they would be going off unemployment for a couple, for three weeks of work,’’ he said.

Mark Weber of the Coachella Valley Enterprise Zone said that a manufacturer has plans to visit the valley this week because the valley is an enterprise zone.

He said California’s “over-litigious” society and high workman comp rates are hurting local businesses.

“All those are detriments to jobs and that’s why jobs are continuing to leave,’’ Weber said.

Nestande, who was against the elimination of enterprise zones, said he would like to see the entire state become an enterprise zone.

“Why are we picking areas if we know lower regulation and lower taxes work to bring businesses in,’’ Nestande said.

donna August 11, 2011 at 04:25 AM
An educated workforce.
Steven Kippel August 11, 2011 at 03:02 PM
Yes, support our state University systems!
Jan Harnik August 12, 2011 at 11:49 PM
We must absolutely support our State education institutions and we must also, through thoughtful regulation and deregulation, position California to be able to compete with other states and attract businesses. SB432 is a perfect example of what, not only does not attract businesses, but drives them away.
Roland Alden August 19, 2011 at 04:11 PM
SB 432 says “...hotel workers have an injury rate 25% higher than all service sector workers. ...housekeepers are required to lift heavy mattresses to change flat sheets, leading to increased rates of back and shoulder injuries. ...other injuries are caused by a lack of long-handled cleaning tools (mops). ... This bill requires the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (OSHSB) ... to eliminate the need for housekeepers to work in a stooped, kneeled, or squatting position... “ This bill is not going to cost hotels anything meaningful. Is it really a “perfect example” of legislation that will drive business away from the State? Or, is it a tiny nod of compassion to the poorest housekeepers that work for the most heartless bosses? We already went through this exercise from 1969-1975, when a heroic effort by Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers got short-handled hoes banned from agricultural fields. Granted the bill is inappropriate, because the California Legislature should not have to take a few minutes out of their busy day kissing up to lobbyists, to micro-manage the OSHSB; the OSHSB should be able to come up with reasonable regulations by itself, without legislative intervention. However, demonizing a bill like this insults history and reduces the credibility of those who want to show the regulatory environment in California causes us to be uncompetitive. If you want to pick a fight with regulators, find a better example than this one.


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