Eight Nestande Bills Clear Committees

The legislation impacts college scholarships, homebrewers, renewable energy and more.

Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R-Palm Desert).  (Photo: California Legislature)
Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R-Palm Desert). (Photo: California Legislature)
Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R-Palm Desert) continued a successful legislative year as eight of his bills passed through their respective Senate Policy Committees.  The Legislature begins its Summer Recess on July 3rd, so many of Nestande’s measures will head to the State Senate for final approval in August.

Some highlights from Assemblyman Nestande’s bills that passed Senate policy committees this week are:

AB 609: Allows for free public access to scientific research conducted using state funded grants. This makes California the first state to match a new federal policy which requires free public access for federally funded research.

AB 1096: Creates a specialty Salton Sea license plate that California motorists can purchase for their vehicles. Proceeds from these sales will go to fund restoration efforts for the Salton Sea. The design for the license plate was chosen from an open competition for students held by Assemblyman Nestande last year.

AB 2421: Creates a corporate tax credit for contributions made to non-profits which provide education scholarships for foster and homeless youth. These scholarships help pay for college, provide transportation to school-related activities, and provide supplies that support academic success.

AB 2584: Allows the Marine Corps Base in Barstow, California to fully utilize a wind turbine installed in 2009. State law currently prohibits it from running at its full capacity which unnecessarily restricts a valuable green energy asset. 

AB 2609: Allows the California Homebrewers Association to hold their annual festival. In 2013, a technical change in law caused festivals put on by Homebrewers clubs to be illegal. AB 2609 will reverse this change and allow future festivals.

AB 2312: Requires recycling centers that accept scrap metals to subscribe to a free regional metal theft alert system

AB 2313: Creates a Department of Justice led Metal Theft Task Force to investigate metal theft crimes around the state

AB 2491: Creates a licensing process for sober home facilities that provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. Currently, there are no requirements for the types of programs or services these facilities must provide.

--Information provides by Assemblyman Nestande's Office


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