Facebook To Be a Part of 2012 Election Coverage

The social media giant strikes a deal with CNN to be a 'second screen.'

The 2012 election season is in high gear, and the social media world will have a prominent role in coverage.

Facebook, the giant social media network, has a deal with Atlanta-based CNN to become a "second screen" for election coverage.

How will this partnership affect your Facebook discussions of the elections? Tell us in the comments below.

According to Mashable.com, the new experience, “America’s Choice 2012,” will encourage Facebook’s 160 million U.S. users to share their political views through an app, buzz measurements and surveys. The two companies will aggregate users’ sentiment and CNN will incorporate the findings into its coverage.

Facebook users, be warned: One component of the initiative, a yet to be launched “I’m Voting” Facebook app, will be a platform for endorsing candidates and issues. Once you express your support, it will appear on your timeline, news feed and your friends’ tickers. The app will also show if you’ve enlisted friends to support issues or candidates. Users’ endorsements will be displayed on a map of the U.S., broken down by state.

CNN journalists will use "I’m Voting" to ask Facebook users questions about the races and integrate answers into their coverage.

Online chatter occurring outside the app will be measured and integrated into CNN’s coverage as well.


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