Historic Building to Get Facelift - Maybe

Owners of the1948 building that recently was LG's Steakhouse, are facing questions from historians over facade plans.

A historic building in Palm Desert may get a major renovation if the City Council approves plans tonight.

The 'Desert Magazine' building on Highway 111, built in 1948, was one of Palm Desert's first structures.  Most recently it was home to a LG'S Steakhouse, and building owners say it needs exterior remodeling to attract new tenants.

Preservationists claim the proposed changes will ruin the historic sense of the adobe-syle building.  

More from The Desert Sun is available here.

Don Graybill August 27, 2012 at 06:47 AM
As a member of two groups here in Palm Desert, both having been establish to encourage and support an appreciation of the story of our town's early years, the apparent lack of community concern is quite disheartening. We seem to have made very little impact in spreading the unique and interesting beginnings of this wonderful desert cove, which about an average human's lifespan ago was little more than open desert. A very significant part of that story is about to be hidden from sight, and the worst thing is, it's absolutely unnecessary. Some of us still have a ray of hope in communicating with the powers that be, but where is the support from the community? Where are the comments, especially the ones who actually have something worthwhile to say? We have a great story to tell; let's not hide it. If adults really don't know or care, we can't realistically expect more from our kids. Now is the time to DO something, to SAY something; time's running out on this one. It's called the Desert Magazine building, and it's presence here, along with the one who built it here, is worthy of our respect.
nivans October 17, 2012 at 10:47 PM
This building design has an understated dignity which feels relevant to its context and history.


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