Locals React to Obama Stand on Same-Sex Marriage

Locals say the President's stand sends a "message of equality" to the desert's gay and lesbian community.

President Barack Obama's announcement that he supports marriages between gay and lesbian couples was hailed today by Coachella Valley residents. 

Via Twitter, Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet thanked the president
"for proving the talking heads wrong and standing up for marriage equality.''
Kevin Bass, who works in Palm Springs and is a member of the board of
the Washington, D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign, said he became emotional listening to the interview.

"When he's boldly stating gays and lesbians deserve marriage equality,
he's reinforcing what most Americans already believe ... and having our
president support that is an important moment for LGBT civil rights,'' Bass

Obama's position sends a message to younger people "that their futures
will be equal,'' he said. "They can still have full rights as their brothers
and sisters, neighbors.'' 

Fred Bilodeau, the founder of the Stonewall Democrats of Palm Springs, and  former member of the Board of Directors of the National Stonewall Democrats, said the President's new stance makes sense for political reasons as well. 

“It’s a wonderful thing, because if he didn’t, there’s lots of money that would be held back, “ Bilodeau said.  “It’ll bring him more in line with the Democratic Party and (Senator Nancy) Pelosi and (Los Angeles Mayor Antonio) Villaraigosa, because they don’t want a platform fight over this at the convention.” 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if more Democrats came on board now the that the numbers are leaning toward a majority.”  Bilodeau claims that a recent poll showed 67% of voters under age 40 are in favor of gay marriage. 

Andy Linsky, a Palm Springs resident who co-chairs the Human Rights
Campaign's foundation, said that Obama's "support of full marriage equality
for all Americans says our gay and lesbian families deserve the same
recognition as any loving couple.''

Eye on the Desert May 10, 2012 at 01:43 PM
What a bunch of political cow-towing. The reasonable solution is civil unions -- for all. Whether gay or straight. With equal rights, of-course. Marriage, however, is a religious institution, and should be defined by one's church or synagogue or personal beliefs. As usual, the government has overstepped its bounds.
Michael Smith May 10, 2012 at 05:14 PM
Homosexuals barking up wrong tree-allow exploitation. What? 1st: I don't agree with alternate lifestyle, believe it is a sin, but have numerous homosexual friends @ work & where shop & we & share enlightened conversations. Back: "govt." (the 14th amendment govt. is the monster) has absolutely NO RIGHT to intervene in people's private lives. Homosexuals ARE BORN FREE. God gives them FREE WILL. He may not AGREE with their sin but another story: homosexuals don't need & SHOULD NOT be "going to the govt." to legitimize their lifestyle any more than anyone else. U have inalienable rights/free will at birth – come from God NOT FROM GOVT. A.S.A. U prostrate Urself to GOVT & courts, U have severed Ur freedom & Ur right to choose-free will. WHEN U born, Ur parents betrayed U with birth certificate “Govt.” & S.S.#. NOW U ARE REBORN OUT OF GOD'S into MAN'S PRESENCE; now a "thing", "merchandise", "human resource" void of any rights. HOMOSEXUALs should be demanding common law rights NOT CIVIL RIGHTS (see Sins of the State, e-mail me for a copy). Support AMEND 28: National Recall & Referendum: ends politicians & democracy in American, restores REPUBLIC: all citizens share equally in the administration of Govt with NO RULERS. IN Republic, alternates don't/will not NEED to ask anyone for "permission to marry". Learn more: The Covenants of the Gods by Brother Gregory: $25. From Box 10, Summer Lake OR 97640 (U'll be glad U did - including homosexuals) E Mail restoreusa@aol.com
Michael Smith May 11, 2012 at 05:47 AM
Dear Eye Please consider: Holy Matrimony vs. Marriage by Brother Gregory Holy Matrimony vs. Marriage from the book "The Covenants of the gods" What is the difference between Matrimony by the authority of God and Marriage as it is defined in a legal system? The article comments directly on the issue you raised above re: Marriage is ecclesiastical, not governmental. In fact, as the article shows and I think you've inferred, govt. has "taken over" the province of marriage under God and usurped into "under man - under the "state" in a "legal" system that has nothing to do with the church - in fact, under the "new religion" of the state, Secular Humanism (Anti-Christ). Give it a read, see if you agree: http://www.hisholychurch.org/study/bklt/matrimonyst.pdf


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