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Six Residents Displaced by Palm Desert House Fire

New PAC Forms to Support Bono Mack

Newly formed Californians for a Stronger America vows to counter PAC support to challenger for House seat

After last week’s announcement that the House Majority PAC has purchased local airtime to support Raul Ruiz (D-Coachella) for the 36th Congressional District seat, a Republican group has formed to support incumbent Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (R-Palm Springs). 

The Californians for a Stronger America announced their plans late Thursday. CSA Senior Advisor Jake Menges said the group is an “independent expenditure group, registered with the Federal Election Commission, aimed at supporting and electing Congresswoman Bono Mack.” 

Despite the state-wide sounding name, the group's website only seems to support Bono Mack. 

“The 2012 election will be the most important in a generation,” Menges said.  “… the only thing more dangerous than four more years of Obama is giving Nancy Pelosi control of our nation’s checkbook again.  We must reelect Mary Bono Mack.”


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