The City of Beaumont is Financially Sound

We live in a great city

I wasn’t going to write a blog about our city finances since it is well know about how we came from a deficit of some $2, 000,000.00 back in 1993 to financial solvent city since the year 2000 with funds being place in reserve each year for the rainy day. However since we have an individual who doesn’t even live in our city questioning every financial transaction, making some far fetch claims about our financial well being ,I felt I needed to respond with the truth. We have had a balanced budget each year since the 2000 Fiscal Year thanks to the hard work by our city staff in being good stewards of the public’s money while finding new sources of revenue without raising taxes.  The city of Beaumont has no debt on its public facilities.  When we needed improvements we paid CASH.  We bought the old school site instead of building new buildings. We build a 23 acre Sports Park with volunteer help and some work contracted out over a span of 10 years. I and Council Fox planned out the fields on the back of a Pizza Box after a Little League game. This facility is one of the nicest in the county and is in constant use. We have one of the best Police Departments in the County. We have Paramedics on all our Fire Engines. We provide a low cost after school program for our children. We have provided funds to rehabilitate our library. Most of the improvements at the Noble Creek Park are a result of a unique agreement with that agency to pass through our redevelop funds to fund much needed improvements to this facility. The concerts in the Park are a Class Act with Top Name Performers. Anyone who has lived in Beaumont for over 20 years has seen the well managed growth and the changes made to accommodate it.

No we are not perfect and we do sometimes make mistakes as anyone does. Show me a person who never made a mistake and I will show you an individual who not achieve goals in their life. That being said our city staff has opened up their records for anyone to review as required by law. We actually go above and beyond and put our Budget, Our Employee MOU’s, Ordinances etc, on our website. We cannot put everything as it would be cost prohibitive.   An audit is done each year by a Certified Public Accountant Firm.

 If a member of the public or a citizen of Beaumont has a question about our city finances, I would suggest that they contact the city manger first for an explanation.  If they don’t like the answer they are welcomed to come to the city council meeting and ask a question. We will do our best to answer the question right then or refer it to staff for an appropriate answer. 

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Adam W January 13, 2013 at 05:48 PM
Charles- what the heck was all the gibberish about? You’re out in left field on this one. My questions from the beginning of this blog were "Is the city the agent on the CFD's or Kapanicas? Does Kapanicas/GGMS profit from managing the CFD's and if so how much in calendar years?" What the heck is all you’re rambling about? Elections always have consequences. I agree with you on that. If you eat at Burger King every day and get a double whopper with cheese that will have consequences on your waistline and heart I assume. Anyone who gets a payroll check and works in the state of CA knows consequences are here! Their take home pay in 2013 is down from 2012. Excellent decisions local voters made...haha... I have to disagree, but that’s just my opinion. The people spoke and I will not issue any PR on it. Not to Charles: You’re an idiot.
Adam W January 13, 2013 at 05:49 PM
Roger- wake up wake up wherever you are....
Adam W January 18, 2013 at 02:39 AM
Roger no response still....... I have given you days if not weeks to come up with the answer.....once again.....- you didn't answer original questions dated Jan 5th......here they are once again....Roger- Is the city the agent (on CFD's), or is Kapanicas (GGMS) the agent? Does Kapanicas/GGMS profit from managing and writting the CFD's? If so, how much in 2011? And let's get a figure Roger- ask the city.... or maybe Libi can decifer a dollar amount.... Roger- I want to know what Kapanicas & Urban Logic profited from the CFD's in our great city in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2011?
Katherine January 19, 2013 at 02:25 AM
Don't mind Charles, whenever he has nothing of real value to add to a topic that he doesn't have clue about, he will cut and paste this one comment containing all his particular opinions on politics into every conversation, just to claim he participated. I have come to appreciate it, for whenever I see it, I know I can skip all his comments and just focus on those who post something of substance. But even I am losing patience with his pompous assumption that he has pin-pointed someone's complete motivations for what they do because of one comment he heard. The idiotic phrase, "its because they hate Walmart", just shows how completely ignorant of the entire situation he is. I think it makes him feel better about himself, for if he demeans someone actually doing something to keep our politicians honest, it serves to disguise the fact that he does nothing but complain.
Angelwings March 20, 2013 at 06:50 PM
TRUTH HURTS comes to mind. but then most people have lived with the "IGNORANCE IS BLISS" mentality for way too long.


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