Palm Desert Students Learn About Jobs At Career Day

The speakers ranged from the owner of the Palm Springs Power baseball team to KESQ's anchor John White.

Palm Springs Power baseball owner Andrew Starke says he knows about having a dream and making sacrifices to achieve his goals.

He moved to Palm Springs when he was 23 and went to city officials to see if he could start up a baseball team.

"I proved to them to give me a chance, to give me a shot,'' Starke told about 50 students at Wednesday as part of Career Day.

He was one of 50 speakers who came to the campus to tell students about their careers and answer questions about their jobs.

"If you want to be valedictorian, are you willing to stay home on a Saturday night to study? If you want to be in the Olympics, are you willing to not drink alcohol?'' he asked.

"If you want to do certain things, you are going to have to make sacrifices,'' Starke said.

One eighth grader said the message hit home with her.

"It's good to hear,'' she said, adding that often times she tries to do too much.

KESQ anchor John White emphasized to 37 students that the newscast is put on by a team of people.

"It takes a lot more than me,'' White said.

He told the sixth graders that he was interested in current events and politics at their age.

"People said I had a deep voice and I should go into broadcasting,'' he said.

The anchor showed the students two news clips and discussed the importance of covering all angles of a story.

Seventh grader Katarina Hahn, 12, said her favorite speaker was a photographer.

"I like to surf and draw,'' Hahn said, adding that she learned about filters from the speaker and how to "make different colors in the background.


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